Martin and Watson slide into victory Lane at Gator Motorplex

Martin and Watson slide into victory Lane at Gator Motorplex

After a month off for the POWRi Lonestar 600's presented by K and K Earthworks. We hit the track. Hurricane Harvey railed through our state. And finally we take it down to Gator Motorplex in Willis, Texas. Love bugs everywhere. Tear offs have a whole new meaning. 38- 600's and 11- Restrictors check in for the night's action.

600's Heat winners- Wyatt Rector, Trey Burke, Isaiah Garcia, Caleb Martin & Preston Perlmutter. Restrictor Heat winners- Maverick Elkins and Jacob Barton. 

For the 600's top 16 in passing points locked into the A main. Remaining 22 were sent to battle it out between 2 B mains. Top 4 from each B main transfer into the A main. First B out takes in Jacob Lucas, Kevin Battarbee, Chase Lejeune, & Geoffery Youngblood to tge A. Second B main out takes in Matt McDade, Karter Battarbee, Dan Tucker, & Bash Ferguson. After a on track tussle during B main #2. Retaliation occurred through the pits. Suddenly, James McNeil became a real life push truck and parked Karter Battarbee near his trailer. McNeil was disqualified for the remainder of the night.

Tonight we switched it up and 600's hit the red dirt racing surface. Isaiah Garcia and Caleb Martin set the pace to the green. First cautiin out, Caleb Padgett finds himself loosing the battle to a infield tire. Ending Padgett's night. Green rolls & caution flies to a slow moving Zeb Koobs. Once more, green is out. A few laps in your pole setter finds himself sitting sideways in turn 3. Garcia retires as well as Brandon Moeller to the pits. Back to it. Caleb Martin is your leader. Karson Battarbee, Tanner Dunlap and Weldon Buford knocking on his door. All the while Jacob Lucas is trailing hard from the rear in seek of a win. Caution, hello there. Preston Perlmutter dismissed due to engine failure. Green, Green, yellow. Karter Battarbee finds himself sitting in turn 2. To the infield & back to racing. Almost done, Mike Walling & Kevin Battarbee connect down the back stretch. Kevin exits & Mike tags the tail. Green, white, checkered. Martin holds it down all the way through & parks his #51 in victory lane!

Top 4 for Restrictors redraw. Kamirin Cook starts her first ever pole setter position. With Jacob Barton on the outside. The green flag drops as the cars get to turn 1. Maverick Elkins slides into the back of another car and spins out. Yellow out Elkins to the rear. Get them lined back up side by side and try again. This time Christopher Townsend spins out causing anotrher yellow before they make a green flag lap. Townsend sent to the back and this time we line the field up single file. Cook takes the field to the green flag. Timothy Watson would jump out to the lead. A few laps later Cade Brown would throw his chain and at the same time Wyatt Wilkerson would have an expired motor. They both would be done for the night. Timothy still out front. Towards the end of the race Christopher Townsend chargged from the back to the front to give Timothy a run for his money but didn't have enough. Timothy drove his machine to victory lane.

As the night ends into tech. A full moon suddenly appeared. Action lights shining. Tom and Jerry arrived for the show. Tom stepped on Jerry's toe. And bam we transform into the McGregor vs. Mayweather fight all over again. The tip-toe-jogging dance was soon interrupted as officials arrived. Like Baywatch the scene with police trailing behind. All in all, it was one to remember. A first in the books. Four into it & script we now have to share. 

While we have stories to tell now. And jokes to carry on. Fighting at the racetrack is completely unacceptable at any POWRi Lonestar 600's event. We preach race in and race out to be respectful to each other. These are not just racers, we are a big ole family. Due to occurence and continuation of the previous push trucking incident. James McNeil will serve an indefinite suspension. He will no longer be able to compete at any POWRi Lonestar 600 event. Karter Battarbee will be suspended from any POWRi Lonestar 600's event for 2 complete race events.

This weekend's Dragon Fly Aviation Hard Charger Award will be split between Dan Tucker and Bash Ferguson. They both passed an amazing 16 cars.

Next race will be at Gulf Coast Speedway. EARLY STSRT TIME 1:30pm Drivers Meeting. This is due to light problems resulting from Hurricane Harvey.

See you all at Gulf Coast Speedway

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Martin and Watson slide into victory Lane at Gator Motorplex
Martin and Watson slide into victory Lane at Gator Motorplex

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