Martin and Elkins give Double Header a new meaning.

Martin and Elkins give Double Header a new meaning.

Dos! Night 2 of the Double Header event the POWRi Lonestar 600's presented by K and K Earthworks hit Gulf Coast Speedway's Non Wing Filng. 600's & the Restrictors, TOPLESS!! 20- 600's & 7 Restrictors check in for the night's action.

Restrictor's heat hit the track. Christopher Townsend had it wrapped up. Until a antsy track flagman threw the yellow for a small wreck unfolding as they came for the checkers. Due to caution, we had to go green, white, checkered. Wyatt Bruce took to the opportunity. And snagged him a heat race win.

600's heats went off without a glitch! Heat winners- Mike Walling & Jacob Lucas.

The top 4 from Friday's feature locked into the night's feature & redraw. And the top 4 in passing points from the night come together to create a Redraw Dash. All 8 cars redraw for starting positions in the dash. They take to the track & finishing positions determine the starting A-main positions. Caleb Martin & Trey Burke lock it in for the front row.

Restrictors feature roll out for their A-main. Let us tell you. It was a beautiful site to see. As they glided around wingless. Wyatt Bruce & Ryder Laplante lead them around to the green. Only to be called back do to a overly ready Laplante. We don't blame him. Those machines looked like a ton of fun. We'd be overly ready too! Positions swap & back to green. Christopher Townsend seeks out the lead. Thomas Hall Jr. knocking on the door. As Townsend gets a little sideways, but saves. Hall follows the moves. Before anyone can blink the flagman flips the yellow light. And the rest of field spins trying to slow down. Due to the light, it made the POWRi Lonestar 600's officials have to rolidex the rules on how to fix it. Unfortunately, Hall and Townsend were sent to the back. Since that is why the light was flipped. A call that no POWRi Lonestar official wanted to make. Lined back up & back the green. Maverick Elkins finds for the lead. Townsend gives it his all to hunt him down. Townsend takes second. And Elkins parks his machine on the front stretch to celebrate another victory. Back to Back weekend it is!

600's, 600's! Let's go! 35 lap feature at hand! Martin & Burke wheel em' to the green. Three laps in, Tim Ferguson takes a wild ride. Flips heavily going into turn 1. The Lonestar 600's Ultrashield Safety Crew dashed for him. These gentlemen are quick. Arrived stat. Teamed with Gulf Coast's crew & EMT's to ensure Tim's safety. Tim checks out okay. He retires with the EMT's to be monitored. Back to it. 10 laps to go. Michael McNeil & Collin Taylor collect & flip lids. All involved okay. McNeil retires. Traylor pulls to open red to fix. Green, again. Martin leads. Lucas boys are on the move. Jacob Lucas trails Martin. Luke Lucas cruises through traffic to knock on Jacob's door. Martin gets the checkers. Lucas boys take second & third. Martin parks his #51 ride on the front stretch. Wrapping up the weekend, 2 for 2!

Dragon Fly Aviation Hard Charger award goes to: Luke Lucas Total cars passed: 6

This is the first time we had to flip a coin to reveal a award winner. Dewey Townsend & Dan Tucker also passed 6 cars.

Pulse Racing Innovations EZ Tear off award goes to: Matt McDade. Picking up his 10th place prize!

Thank you to all of the teams, family & friends who joined us this weekend. Announcer of the weekend Lyle Gorham rocked the house & kept the fans engaged. Although, our car count was below average. The action was awesome! We all enjoyed a weekend of good, fast racing!!

Last 2 Races in the Season:

10/14 Gator Motorplex

10/28 Gator Motorplex's Halloween Havoc

Want to thank Manvel Motorsports for our Victory Lane Photos. Just him at to get all your photos.

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Martin and Elkins give Double Header a new meaning.
Martin and Elkins give Double Header a new meaning.
Martin and Elkins give Double Header a new meaning.
Martin and Elkins give Double Header a new meaning.

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