Martin & Woods cruise into Victory Lane at Gator Motorplex

Martin & Woods cruise into Victory Lane at Gator Motorplex

The POWRi Lonestar 600's presented by K and K Earthworks treck into Gator Motorplex. A sunny day, decent Texas weather & a tacky track await. Only 2 chances remain for seat time in the 2017 season. Checking in for the night are 30-Non Wing 600's & 9 Restrictors.

Restrictors hit the track and take on heat races. Jarrett Hjorth & Tatum Woods rake in the Wins. 600's glue em' down & 4 heat winners prevail. Caleb Martin, Brad Wesp, Kyle Jones & Matt McDade bag it up.

600's B-main, let's roll out. Kendall Battarbee & Patrick Lundy lead the 14 car field to the green. Caution flies for a spun around Bash Ferguson. Green is back. Only to be called back for a unfortunate, Bash Ferguson. He retires to the infield. Green, green, green. At this time, 8 cars remain as the pack has started dismissing to the infield. Cruising out of 1 and into 2. Tyler Zabawa & Patrick Lundy make contact. Lundy finds himself in a slow motion 4-D ride as he finds his lid. Driver & car checks out okay. Checkered is waved during yellow. As all 8 cars transfer on to the A-main.

Restrictors to the hot grid. Jarrett Hjorth & Tatum Woods bring the 9 car pack to the green. And from there, they stay green to checkers. Tatum Woods finds the lead early and never looks back. Caleb Rouser climbs from 3rd to 2nd. Hjorth holds onto 3rd. Christopher Townsend runs a solid 4th. This class drove a flawless race. Woods parks his #43W in victory lane for the first time with the POWRi Lonestar 600's!

A-main 600's, y'all ready? The 24 car field lines up in the shoot. A racey track is waiting. 3 lines, baby. Caleb Martin & Brandon Schnautz bring them to the green flag. Martin jumps to the lead. Caution out. Brad Wesp gets magnified by a glorious infield tire. Driver checks out & re-joins the fun. Green, I am. Jacob Lucas moves through to climb into 2nd. Kyle Jones holds onto 3rd. Johnny Boland is rocking and a rolling through traffic. Moved into 4th. Schnautz gripping 5th. Traffic is spreading out. Martin & Lucas begin bobbing and weaving. Lucas inching closer. Only for Martin to get away. Checkers fly. Martin takes the victory! Isaiah Garcia rolls through the checkers, mid pack, blowing an engine. Martin parks it, once again, in Victory lane. He's definitely the dude to catch. Who's up for the challenge? Guess the upcoming Halloween Havoc will tell who is capable of breaking that winning spree. Or not!

Special thanks to Hyper Racing's own Mike Dicely for traveling down to be with his racers and our series. We provided a smooth and beautifully ran show for him to enjoy. Thank you again for making the trip down to join us Texans!

As always, from the absolute bottoms of our hearts, THANK YOU! Thank you all for joining us in this sport we all love!

Dragon Fly Aviation Hard Charger Award goes to: Johnny Boland Total Cars Passed: 13

Pulse Racing Innovations EZ tear off system Award: Caleb Padgett

Next & Final Race of 2017:
10/28- Saturday Only
Halloween Havoc @ Gator Motorplex
$1,000 to WIN 600's
$200 to WIN Restrictors
Driver's meeting @ 2pm

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Martin & Woods cruise into Victory Lane at Gator Motorplex
Martin & Woods cruise into Victory Lane at Gator Motorplex
Martin & Woods cruise into Victory Lane at Gator Motorplex
Martin & Woods cruise into Victory Lane at Gator Motorplex

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